macintosh se/30 hd (scsi)
the trash (full)
read me ! text file

Read Me

attention !after an erratic existence, the dyndns se/30 now enjoys the otherworld life. random bugs are a reminiscence of its material condition..

beware !

the system folder
the applications folder
the utilities folder
the documents folder
apple extras folder
macssh 68k, ssh terminal
fetch 3.0.3, ftp application
zterm 1.0.1, serial terminal
soundapp 68k, classic audio player
netscape communicator, web browser and email client
silverlining 5.8.3, lacie scsi disk utility
machttp, hhtp server software, folder
tetris max 2.4 folder
print66.68k, LPD daemon (running)
hackuser application, march 1999 edition
picture 1, image file
picture 2, image file

Apple Extras

About This Macintosh

macintosh se/30, system software 7.5.5 © apple computer inc. 1983-1995, total memory 69,632K ;
system software uses about 15 mbmachttp 2.6 uses 10 mbprint66.68k uses 1 mb

The Motherboard

the recapped macintosh se/30 motherboard (p/n 661-0527)the 220µF 16V electrolytic capacitor in C11a 47µF 16V electrolytic capacitor in C13the four 47µF 16V tantalum capacitors in C3, C4, C5, C7, the 1µF 50V in C6 and the electrolytic 470µF 16V in C2three 47µF 16V tantalum capacitors in C8, C9, C10the 47µF 16V in C12the 47µF 16V in C1
merci à vart électronique versailles pour la réparation !

The Mac

macintosh se/30 with compact mac screen filter
the otherworld se/30, with its kensington screen filter